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I Have a Gift For You ( Full Version )
Added on: 04/01/2021 Models: Maggie, Janelle Length: 70 minutes Size: 3.58 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     DOUBLE DOMINATION


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Gabriel comes back to home from work and finds a surprise; Janelle is waiting for him in sexy clothes and, on their bed, she starts kissing him with passionate French kisses while she masturbates him with her beautiful hands.
After 5 minutes of exciting kissing and masturbation, she whispers to him she has a nice present for him; the gift is a beautiful little slave who will give him pleasure and while Janelle continues kissing Gabriel with the tongue, following the orders of her black goddess Maggie starts sucking Gabriel's cock gently.
Now Janelle has a strange and perverse light in her eyes and, exchanging a knowing look with Maggie, she tells to Gabriel gifts have a price and if he wants the slave continues working between his legs, he must smell her feet wrapped in stockings, demonstrating his submission to the "black queen". Unfortunately, Gabriel is too excited to be able to say no, so he deeply sniffs Janelle's feet, panting at Maggie's wonderful job, who alternates mouth work and hand work between his legs.
Sniffing the stockings isn't enough as a payment for the gift Janelle made to her man. Now Gabriel has to smell the bare ebony skin of Janelle's feet. He begs his woman don't do it, but maliciously, Maggie reassures her mistress that as long as she continues the work between his legs, Gabriel will not be able to rebel and do whatever Janelle wants.
Sadly, Maggie asks her mistress if she can have fun too and so, while Janelle grabs the cock of her man, she allows her slave to make Gabriel sniff her bare feet too.
“Do you like the tongue and being licked? I like it too ... ”Janelle whispers and saying this, she orders to Gabriel to lick her feet, always under the threat that if she doesn't it, the slave will stop pleasing him.
Finally, for the wonderful job done, Maggie deserves to be rewarded and Janelle orders to her man to lick her slave's feet too, so between kisses and handjobs, blowjobs and foot licking, Gabriel is forced to have a strong orgasm while he is humiliated by his woman and her slave.

IN THIS VIDEO: French Kiss Handjob, Frech Kiss Blow Job, Stockings Smelling Blow Job, Foot Smelling Handjob, Foot Worship Blow Job, Lesbo Kiss, Forced Ejaculation, Ebony Goddess, White Girl Slave, White Husband Slave.

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