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I Fuck You Again ( Fourth Scene )
Added on: 09/05/2022 Models: Lilian Length: 21 minutes Size: 1.01 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT WORSHIP


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The distorted love story between Lilian and Alessandro continues.
After educating her husband to submission, to kissing her feet as if it was a normal thing and to having orgasms while doing it, Lilian wants moving on the next step. Her husband has to accept she goes out and fucks other men.
So, Ale is on the couch. He is relaxing by reading a book; Lilian enters in the room dressed in a very provocative way, telling her husband she is going out ... with Marco.
Ale doesn't agree but Lilian starts seducing him by kissing him in a very sensual way and ... with the tongue.
To have even more chances to convince her husband to let her do whatever she wants, Lilian starts masturbating him through his shirt; she knows well that when excited, Ale is more malleable.
IN THIS SCENE: Ale is close to orgasm and struggles to hold back so, taking advantage of the excitement of her husband, Lilian kisses him passionately, excites him with the use of the tongue, incites him to lick her feet in a way that he cums while he does it and at that point, exhausted from his orgasm and defeated by the way he had it, he can only surrender and remain helpless while his wife goes out to make him cuckold.

In This Scene: Seduction, Franch Kissing, Barefoot, Foot Worship, Coerced Ejaculation, FemDom, Cuckold.

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