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Humiliated By The Manageress, Second Episode ( Second Scene )
Added on: 09/18/2021 Models: Alba, Eleonore Length: 19 minutes Size: 785 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT WORSHIP


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After Eleonore has punished her secretary (in the video Humiliated By The Manageress, First Episode ( Full Version ) ) Alessandro enters the room; Alba is still undergoing her punishment by licking Eleonore's feet and Alessandro tries to defend the poor secretary from the tyrannical director not knowing that ... Eleonore has discovered he and Alba were flirting in the office.
Elenore gets up and grabs the collar of Ale's shirt; she tells him she has found out everything about him, he doesn't deserve to be her boyfriend and if he doesn't want to be fired, he must do whatever she wants.
IN THIS SCENE: after humiliating her ( now never ) ex-boyfriend by getting her feet licked in front of their secretary, Eleonore is still not satisfied and wants to punish and degrade Alessandro even more; perverse, Eleonore wants to prove to Alessandro he is only a foot licker and she tells him to lick Alba's feet too.
Although initially a little embarrassed, happy that she no longer has to be bullied by Eleonore, Alba begins to put her feet over the face of Alessandro who, in order not to be fired, follows Eleonore's orders and licks Alba's feet while the two women laugh at him.

In Questa Parte: FemDom, Humiliation, Foot Worship, Double Domination, Barefoot, Secretary.

Humiliated By The Manageress, Second Episode ( Full Version )
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