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Humiliated By The Manageress, First Episode ( Full Version )
Added on: 05/14/2021 Models: Alba, Eleonore Length: 46 minutes Size: 1.73 GB Format: M4V

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Elenore is the typical spoiled, arrogant and treacherous woman who works and runs the family business; she is so addicted to power that to make sure she can control the life of her boyfriend (Alessandro) and her best friend (Alba), she hired them in the company.
Everyone in the company is intimidated by her, including Alessandro (whom Eleonore has appointed deputy director) and Alba, who has been hired as Eleonore's personal secretary.
In order to be able to control everything and everyone, Eleonore secretly had cameras installed throughout the building. Believing they were not seen, Alba and Alessandro flirted but ... Eleonore saw everything.
Now, Eleonore is sitting in the waiting room of the building and Alba comes in to remind her of the appointments of the day.
Smiling, Eleonore listens to Alba until she interrupts her and asks her how she finds herself working with Alessandro; Alba realizes that the question is not accidental and she starts stammering, visibly uncomfortable.
Eleonore gets up and grabs Alba by the hair; “Did you think I didn't see anything? Did you think you could be a whore with my boyfriend? I really think I'll have to fire you!"
Alba gets down on her knees, begging Eleonore not to be fired. Eleonore wickedly says she could change her mind if she humiliates herself at her feet ... "you could ... smell my feet". Like a submissive doggy, Alba begins smelling Eleonore's feet, veiled in stockings, begging not to be fired.
"Please, Doctor ... don't you think you are exaggerating?" For Eleonore it is not enough. She takes off her stockings and imposes her bare feet to Alba, so she has to smell them; “... if you don't want to be fired you have to become a good doggy and ... bitches love the odour of the Mistress! ... smell!"
Tired to smell feet, Alba asks if she can go back to the office but Eleonore takes the opportunity: "... if you're tired to sniff ... Why don't you start licking?"
More and more humiliated, Alba tries to oppose but Eleonore is sadistic and takes pleasure from the embarrassment of her "friend"; “How do bitches do it? Bitches lick! "

IN THIS VIDEO: Foot Domination, Stockings Smelling, Sweaty Feet, Barefoot Smelling, Foot Worship, Lesbian Domination, Lesbian, Humiliation.

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