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Fucked By Feet ( Full Version )
Added on: 06/05/2021 Models: Mali Ubon, Matilde Torres Length: 45 minutes Size: 1.51 GB Format: M4V

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Mali is an off-site student who has rented a room in the house of Ale and Matilde, who are married. The married couple treats Mali arrogantly, making her do the housework in addition to the rent she pays them.
The time for revenge has come!
Mali has witch powers and uses them to take revenge on those who treat her badly.
Using a pair of her sweaty stockings, she has created a love potion ( like a perfume ) that creates an irrepressible desire in those who smell it to smell and kiss her feet and make them fall in love with her.
The first one Mali wants to take revenge on is Matilde.
Mali sprinkles some of the love potion on her wrist. Approaching Matilde, with the excuse of arranging her hair, Mali approaches her wrist to Matilde's face who breathes the love potion.
Immediately Matilde's attitude changes and she starts telling Mali that she is beautiful ... that she wants her and that she would do anything for her.
Mali smiles and taking Matilde by the hand, brings her to Alessandro, who is on the couch and text her cell phone.
Mali sits down next to Alessandro and makes Matilde kneel in front of her. Mali tells Ale her wife will kiss her feet; With his usual arrogance, Alessandro refuses but Mali makes him smell the scent of the love potion too and Alessandro immediately accepts whatever Mali says.
Mali starts massaging Alessandro between his legs and kissing him on the neck, sending him into ecstasy, while telling Matilde that she is a cuckold. Succubus of the love potion, with a monotonic voice, Matilde confirms she is a cuckold and smells Mali's feet still wrapped in sweaty socks.
Stunned by Mali's magic potion and aroused by hands and kisses, a sperm stain grows through Alessandro's pants as he, dumbly, says that his wife is a cuckold and that they will be Mali's slaves throughout the life.
Increasingly satisfied, Mali orders to matilde to take off her socks and to smell her bare feet.
Satisfied with having had her revenge on Matilde, it's Ale's turn.
Ale has always prided himself on being an Alpha male by treating his wife with disdain and treating Mali like a silly girl.
To punish him, Mali orders him to humble himself at his wife's bare feet while she keeps him in a constant state of arousal by touching him between his legs and kissing / licking his neck.
Matilde sits on the sofa next to Ale; following the orders of the Mistress, Alessandro begins licking the feet of his wife, while Mali reminds him that women are superior and that he must never allow himself to treat his wife badly again.
Finally, to put the seal of her supremacy over the couple, Mali returns to push her feet over Alessandro's face, ordering him to lick them, masturbating himself. While Matilde continues to excite her husband with her tongue, Alessandro masturbates himself, cumming on his shirt while he licks the feet of the little mistress.
"You are screwed!"

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