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Excited By Feet ( Full Version )
Added on: 08/02/2021 Models: Mali Ubon, Matilde Torres Length: 31 minutes Size: 1.29 GB Format: MP4



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After Mali and Matilde together humiliated the slave in the video “ Lessons of Mistress Matilde ( Full Version ) ”, they are finally left alone and Matilde wants to remind Mali who she is; the small and enamored slave of her.
Matilde shows her veiled foot in the stocking to Mali and she, excited and ecstatic, takes it between her hands and begins to smell the perfume of her mistress.
Her lady smells wonderful and Mali's excitement grows; she gets on the couch and starts rubbing on her mistress's leg, like a bitch in heat, continuing to sniff her foot; then, while she continues to sniff with passion, the two women start scissor and begin to enjoy together.
Mali wants more and more: she takes off the stockings of her mistress and begins to smell her bare feet, continuing to rub and moan.
Seeing the passion of her slave, Matilde also becomes aroused and increases the intensity of the movement of her pelvis; the sexes of the two women rub each other increasing the pleasure while Mali, more and more in love with her goddess, declares she is the whore of the feet of her mistress again.

IN THIS VIDEO: Stockings Smelling, Rubbing Scissoring, Sweaty Feet, Barefoot Smelling, Female Orgasm.