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Discipline the Maid ( Only Smell Scene )
Added on: 03/20/2023 Models: Janelle, Lilian Length: 25 minutes Size: 972 MB Format: M4V

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While Janelle is humiliating Alessandro, Lilian returns home, finding the new maid in a sensual and dominant attitude towards her husband. For Lilian this is unacceptable: only she can treat him like a flunky.
Lilian tells that she has chosen to punish him, then grabs Janelle and takes her away saying: "Miss, it's time to let you know what your place is!".
Threatening to fire her, Lilian forces Janelle to sniff her feet wrapped in Nylon's hold-up, telling her that she is a bitch too and must recognize the smell of the mistress.
Lilian is still not satisfied: she wants Janelle doing the same submission educational training Ale did so, after taking off the stockings, she pushes her beautiful bare feet on Janelle's face, continuing mocking her, inciting to breathe and smell her feet.
...and she has not only recognizing the smell of her mistress through the nylon of the stockings, but even through her beautiful bare feet.

IN THIS SCENE: Coerced Stockings Smelling, Coerced Foot Smelling, Lesbian Domination, FemDom.

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