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Coerced By a Friend ( First Scene )
Added on: 07/23/2021 Models: Ivi Length: 14 minutes Size: 486 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     BONDAGE


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Ale is the typical loser; 40 years old, all "home and church", he behaves like a little boy, he is still an altar boy at Mass and he never had sex with a girl.
Ivi also grew up in the oratory like Ale but when she grewing up she took a different path.
There she convinced his friend nerd Ale to teach her how a video cameras work.
After explaining to Ivi how to position the lights, she proposes trying to shoot a video.
There she takes some ropes and Ale gets excited thinking that now she will play in the way he saw in some movies on the internet ( those he secretly looks at from his mother ).
Actually Ivi ties his wrists and, perverse, coerces him to smell her sweaty feet ... still wrapped in Nylon tights.

In This Scene: Coerced Sock Smelling, Coerced Foot Smelling, Bondage, Humiliation, Female Supremacy.

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