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Bewitched by Luisa ( Only BareFoot Scene )
Added on: 09/18/2020 Models: Luisa Casati Length: 31 minutes Size: 1 GB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT FETISH


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Ale invited Luisa to the location of "Umiliazioni Italiane", to propose her a shooting as a model in the videos.
Luisa is a Mistress and at the proposal of only 200 euros for one day of work, she explodes in laughter and replies: "Do you know I am Mistress Luisa Casati?"
Ale justifies himself telling that "Umiliazioni Italiane" is a little production and the budget is limited. Luisa pretends understanding and tells to Ale to get the documents.
Taking advantage of his absence, she takes a love elixir created by herself from the bag; she puts some drops on her lips and ... "with this elixir no one resisted me. He will fall at my feet and he will do whatever I want!"
Ale comes back with the documents and Luisa starts kissing him sensually; the elixir starts to take effect on Ale, who begins to feel groggy and condescending ... strangely in love with Luisa.
IN THIS SCENE: Luisa is really having a lot of fun and wants to continue taking advantage of Ale; she takes off the stockings and asks: “do you want to smell my bare feet? Of course you want it ... and instead of 500 euros for a day's work, you'll give me 500 euros per hour! "
Ale can't resist the effect of the elixir and grabs Luisa's beautiful bare foot, starting to smell it avidly.
Continuing to massage him between the legs with one foot, Luisa laughs at the excitement that Ale reveals through the pants.
Satisfied of the result, Luisa relaxes and asks to Ale to lick her feet. Now, completely bewitched by the love elixir, Ale can't resist and while Luisa caresses his excited penis, he passionately licks her foot declaring that hereafter he will do everything she wants.

In This Scene: Sweaty Feet, Foot Smelling, Foot Worship, FemDom, Female Supremacy, Foot Slave Training, FemDom.

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