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Begging Giorgia ( Full Version )
Added on: 04/17/2021 Models: Giorgia Length: 47 minutes Size: 2.08 GB Format: MP4

Main Category:     FEMDOM


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Giorgia Roma is a famous porn star and Ale is offering her to work with Umiliazioni Italiane, in order to start producing harder videos.
Giorgia doesn't agree very much; “Blowjobs and handjobs? But you are foot lickers ”, she laughs.
Ale asks if it's a question of money but Giorgia, who seems amused by this situation of superiority where Ale begs her to work with them, says that she doesn't care about her money but maybe ... Ale can convince her in another way.
She takes off her shoes and shows to Ale her feet, saying: “maybe ... if you smell my sweaty stockings ... you can convince me. Come on ... let me have fun! ".
Pathetically, Ale starts sniffing Giorgia's feet (wrapped in sensual nylon stockings) to convince the famous porn star to work with the small production he is a part of.
Giorgia smiles but she is not convinced yet, (or maybe she pretends because this game amuses her?) so she tells to Ale he has to beg her and he has to do it while he sniffs her bare feet, warm and "perfumed" in that hot July day.
After Ale sniffed her feet, Giorgia gives him hope but she tells him if he wants she works for Umiliazioni Italiane, he must show her that he is a real man: "now you jerk off and show me that thing between your legs works but ... while you're doing it, I want you keep begging me by licking my feet”.
Will Ale be able to convince her?

IN THIS VIDEO: Stocking Smelling, Foot Smelling, Sweaty Feet, Barefoot, Foot Worship, Femdom, Loser, Foot Domination.