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An Interesting News ( Full Version )
Added on: 11/19/2021 Models: Alma, Susanna Bella Length: 34 minutes Size: 2.8 GB Format: M4V



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Alma and Susanna are roommates and they are having breakfast in the garden.
The previous evening, Alma had been to a party in town; one of those Bdsm themed parties and she had a lot of fun indulging in perversions she didn't think they could turn her on.
While they are having breakfast, she tells Susanna that, among other situations, she played with another woman in the role of a slave.
Susanna, an older and more experienced woman, tells her that she suspected Alma was a lesbian littledog and ... "since you like these weird things, we can try to play some games", says Susanna, approaching Alma and starting to kiss her.

Susanna seduces her young friend with French kisses, using the tongue and fondling her body, arousing her.
"You will be my littledog ... I feel how you quiver at my kisses ... now that I know certain things excite you, you will be my slave for life" and she makes her kneel beside her while continuing to kiss her sensually.

After seducing her young friend, Susanna says it's time to be a good "littledog and slave" and smell the feet of the mistress. Alma, aroused by her expert friend and discovering herself attracted to her submission, begins to smell the feet of her roommate with passion, with more and more excitement.

“Would you really do anything? Anything for me? " Susanna says with a satisfied tone.
"Yes ... if you ask me ... yes" replies Alma.

"...now you will lick my feet, you will adore me as the queen that I am". Hearing these words, already excited by what has happened so far, Alma begins to lick the feet of her friend; deep licks that start from her heel to reach her toes and then suck them, blow them ... and lick between them.
The new mistress is satisfied by this new discovery and relationship with her young roommate.

IN THIS VIDEO: Lesbian French Kisses, Foot Smellig, Sweaty Feet, Barefoot, Foot Worship, Lesbian Domination, Sensual Domination, Slave Girl Training.