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After The Concert ( Only With Barefoot Scene )
Added on: 06/18/2023 Models: Lauretta Length: 73 minutes Size: 2.75 GB Format: M4V

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Lauretta and Gabriel are passionate about music; they have been friends for many years and have gone to many concerts together but, apart music, they have never talked about much else.
Like other times, tonight he hosts her at his house because they returned very late from a concert.
They are in the kitchen, tired and hot from the evening, talking about the concert.
While Gabriel comments on the equalization of the sound, Lauretta closes the discussion by asking if she can take a shower: "I'm sweaty and my feet are hot".
Hearing that last sentence (my feet are hot) Gabriel is visibly embarrassed.
What Lauretta doesn't know and what her friend has never confessed to her is his passion for female feet, especially if they are hot and sweaty.
“Something's wrong,” Lauretta asks. Maybe due to tiredness, maybe because they've known and been seeing each other from years, Gabriel takes courage and confesses his strange passion to Lauretta and she laughs hearing about this "thing".
“Now I understand why, the times I stopped to sleep with you, in the morning I found my socks moved! It was you who went to smell them hahahaha! ...it's too funny, this thing! ...and I bet you wish you had my feet right now, don't you?”

IN THIS SCENE: “Listen: “feet feet” and... aren't you curious to see them? Don't you want to smell their “perfume” directly from my skin?”
What's happening doesn't seem real to Gabriel and with an idiotic expression, he nods; Gabriel nods, Lauretta laughs again and this time it is she who (starting to enjoy it) stamps her foot in Gabriel's face who begins to sniff greedily, of course, between her laughter.

“You are so passionate and I enjoy it so much that… you could be my feet boyfriend Hahaha ! ...and if you are, there has to be a first kiss, don't you think?” says Lauretta while smiling and Gabriel... Gabriel can't resist and finally her dream comes true: she starts kissing and licking her friend's feet passionately while she laughs more and more.
“make love with my feet... love them, adore them...”

Excited by the situation and seeing his friend having fun, Gabriel deludes himself that between him and Lauretta there might be something that goes beyond the feet and so he approaches and tries to kiss her.
Lauretta rejects him in disgust: “I said you can be the boyfriend of my feet and not mine! We were having fun and you screwed it up!” ...and so saying, she grabs Gabriel from behind and starts choking him with her hands and...she likes it!
Afraid of losing the newly acquired "feet privilege", Gabriel lets himself be punished without putting up too much resistance.

Lauretta begins to find even this way of playing amusing; sadistic and more cruel.
Deluding Gabriel that he has been punished enough and that he can go back to licking her feet, Lauretta takes off her pants and makes Gabriel lie between her legs, deceiving him that she wants to cuddle and caress him.
It's just a deception: Lauretta begins to squeeze Gabriel's neck between her legs, suffocating him, while she continues to laugh and blackmail him that if he doesn't let her, "my feet will break the engagement and you will never be able to smell and kiss them again!" ”.

In This Scene: Barefoot Smelling, Foot Worship, Hand Over Mouth, Scissorhold, Bitch Friend, FemDom, Humiliation, Soles.

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