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A Perverse Cure ( Only Barefoot Scene )
Added on: 11/17/2022 Models: Morena Length: 59 minutes Size: 2.28 GB Format: M4V

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Ale has erection problems and has booked a visit to a private clinic.
What Ale doesn't know is that the clinic was bought by a strange doctor with particular ideas.
Morena is contemptuous, cold and convinced that men are just littledogs, foot licks, slaves of women and that's why Ale can't get excited: as long as Ale continues to approach women as if he were an Alpha , it is obvious that he cannot get an erection and so, Morena, imposes his care on him.

After having spit on her hand, Morena takes Ale's penis and starts masturbating it.
Ale is incredulous and embarrassed but Morena is really good with her hands and unfortunately for Ale, the cure isn't limited to this.

IN THIS SCENE: the Second Step of the treatment foresees that Ale begins to love the bare skin of the foot...its smell, warm and penetrating. Morena takes off her stockings and, continuing to masturbate poor Ale, imposes her foot on his face.
Also in this second step you have to alternate "normal" excitement with the new type of eroticism and so, Morena, kisses and licks Ale's neck and also in the second step, tries to tie Ale's cock to his feet practicing a Foot Job.

The third and final step of the cure is to have an orgasm while licking your feet. Trying to convince Ale by continuing to masturbate him, Morena urges Ale to lick.
Ale's cock isn't as hard as it should be but now he's mentally excited by ten minutes of HandJob and kisses from Morena then, in spite of himself, he licks the feet of his new psychopathic doctor.

Ale was unable to have an orgasm with Morena's feet and therefore the treatment didn't have full effect. However, Morena knows that something has taken root in Ale's mind and wants to fix it making him have an orgasm: then she starts massaging his testicles and licking his neck while she masturbates him. Ale can't do anything but have an orgasm while, on his face, he still has the smell of Morena's feet and, in his mind, the humiliating words she whispered to him throughout this re-educational session.
Ale's orgasm was pathetic but Morena knows that the "Mind Fucking" is now underway.

In This Scene: Femdom, Barefoot Smelling + HandJob, Neck Licking, Foot Job, Foot Worship + Handjob, Derision, Pathetic Orgasm, Clinical Theme, Psychopathic Girl.

A Perverse Cure ( Full Version )