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A New Thief ( Second Scene )
Added on: 01/08/2023 Models: Gea Domina Length: 23 minutes Size: 794 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FOOT SMELLING


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In the location of Gea Domina we shot the remake of our old video with her.

Alex is on the sofa and suddenly he hears the sound of glass breaking.
The light goes out, noises of aggression and then...
“But you… who the fuck are you! ? ! " Alex's on the sofa bound by handcuffs, with a collar and leash and a masked thief who asks him "politely" for the number of the safe.
Alex laughs sarcastically and replies that she must be crazy if she thinks he'll give her the code.

IN THIS SCENE: "If the" scent "of my socks does not convince you, maybe... you'll appreciate the smell of my bare foot more" and so saying, Gea takes off her socks leaving her beautiful feet naked.
Rubbing her foot between Alex's legs, Gea alternates sensuality with cruelty to achieve her goal. Her feet are warm and fragrant and Alex, although with a certain resistance, smells their perfume incited by the sensuality of this strange but beautiful thief.

In This Scene: Home Invasion, Sensual Mistress, Barefoot Smelling, FemDom, Humiliation, Excited By The Feet, Coerced.

In Collaboration With Gea Domina

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