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A Distorted Dream ( Full Version )
Added on: 05/26/2021 Models: Lilian Length: 27 minutes Size: 923 MB Format: M4V

Main Category:     FEMDOM


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Ale still plays the role of Lilian's submissive husband.
As a slave, he is polishing the floor by hand; allowing himself a moment to rest, he falls asleep and dreams of the time he and his beautiful wife were at the doctor's waiting room and ... she enjoyed making him excited despite being afraid because they were in a public place.
In This Video: Lilian, dressed in a very provocative way, starts kissing Ale with passion and touching him between his legs.
Ale tries to rebel but Lili grabs him and puts his tongue in his mouth, continuing to kiss him vigorously and rubbing his penis.
Ale gets so excited that he comes through shorts and pants.
Just at the moment when he decides to let himself go, the dream becomes a nightmare.
Lilian changes personality and becomes the mistress bitch she is today; through his trousers, he tightly grabs Ale's penis and tells him he must forget about his tender, loving sweetheart.
She tells him that he is now his mistress and that he will have to masturbate while he licks her feet like the doormat he is.
Ale tries to react but is too excited and so begins to masturbate while licking the beautiful feet of his wife and she alternates sensual kisses with licking around Ale's neck.
Finally Ale is coerced to come and his shirt to get wet while she continues to repeat saying that he is just a loser, a loser and that will be the only way he can have orgasms from now on.

IN THIS VIDEO: Coerced Kissing, Face Licking, Coerced Foot Worship, Coerced Ejaculation, FemDom, Humiliation.