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A Beautiful Evening ( Full Version )
Added on: 03/21/2023 Models: Cookie, Leyla Length: 108 minutes Size: 4.48 GB Format: M4V

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It's Gabriel and Cookie's anniversary and she has reserved a particular room to have fun and celebrate.
He arrives for first and waits for her while she, on her phone, tells him that she will arrive with a surprise.
Cookie arrives and the surprise is a slave girl to play with.

To begins the game, while Cookie and Gabriel are kissing, the slave begins to lick the shoes of the mistress.
To excite her boyfriend, Cookie starts blowing him while the slave continues to lick shoes, soles, heels adoring her Miss while the dominant couple have fun.

Gabriel's cock begins to "itch" and he wants more pleasure; so he orders the slave to start giving him a Foot Job while Cookie continues to suck him and make him dart her tongue on his dick.
To excite him further, Cookie massages his balls, kisses him and licks his neck while the slave continues to work her feet on the master's cock.
It's really a fantastic evening and Gabriel wants a souvenir of it so, while his girlfriend continues to suck his cock and the slave to footjob him, he orders the slave to make a video of his girlfriend while she's being a whore.

Cookie wants to regain control of the situation and put the slave back in her place: at the feet of the mistress! Cookie takes off her shoes and orders Leyla to sniff her feet covered by the heavy warm pantyhose, sweaty and full of the smell of the mistress's feet.
To remind everyone who is the mistress of sex and of the evening, while she humiliates the slave with her feet, Cookie kisses and wanks her boyfriend.
To mock Leyla as a slave, Gabriel photographs her while he sniffs her girlfriend's feet.
Excited to see his girlfriend having fun subduing another woman, Gabriel shoves his cock into Cookie's mouth putting her to "work" too.
The slave also has to “work” and while she is sniffing Cookie's feet, Gabriel orders him to give him a handjob.

Gabriel is perverted and seeing his girlfriend dominating another girl makes him want to humiliate Cookie, switching roles with the slave. Gabriel orders Cookie to sniff Leyla's feet, (wrapped in white stockings, sheer, showing her foot) while he orders Leyla to give him a handjob.
The game is that Leyla has to make Gabriel have an orgasm using her hands or else she will be humiliated again. This game is a lot of fun Gabriel who, always in order not to forget this fantastic evening, takes pictures and videos.
Despite being very good with her hands, Gabriel needs his slutty girlfriend to enjoy (who is really a master at giving blowjobs) and so, while Leyla jerks him off with her feet, Cookie starts sucking him again until he cums in the mouth. "good girls!"

Cookie, while wanting to please her boyfriend, thinks that the slave is having too much fun so she takes a strap on and starts fucking Leyla under Gabriel's amused gaze.
Excited by seeing his girlfriend fucking his slave, Gabriel stands in front of Leyla who, while she is being fucked by Cookie, masturbates him with her hands.
Cookie got very excited in fucking the slave and she also wants to enjoy her so she, even if she's mistress of her, also wants to be fucked by the big black strap on and orders the slave to give her pleasure. Although she is a slave, Leyla really enjoys fucking her mistress from behind her.

Excited to see his girlfriend getting fucked by another woman, Gabriel wants to have another orgasm and joins the game between the two girls.
While the slave continues to please her mistress, fucking her with her strap on, Cookie starts wanking and blowing Gabriel again.
Satisfied and satisfied by getting fucked and sucking her boyfriend's cock well, now, Cookie wants to hear and see her bitch enjoy her and drink her boyfriend's cum again
While Leyla masturbates with a vibrator, Coockie kisses Gabriel to turn him on while he masturbates.
Gabriel enjoys again and seeing the master squirting and the mistress throwing herself on her cock to drink his sperm again, Leyla gets excited and finally the slave too enjoys her.

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